Visa / MasterCard Funding Offer

Credit Card Funding Offer – Terms & Conditions
  1. The offer is available exclusively to customers who participated in the Demo Trading Contest of the Year sponsored by EightCap and hosted by Cashback Forex, which have not previously or do not currently hold a real trading account with EightCap.
  2. To be eligible, traders must:
    • open a new live MT4 trading account; and
    • fund the required minimum deposit of at least 100 (account base currency) using a credit card into the new trading account.
  1. The offer commences on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 and is available until Friday, October 14, 2016. Any requests made before or after this period will not be deemed eligible, unless specifically authorised by EightCap.
  2. The offer is available exclusively to deposits made using Visa/MasterCard credit cards.
  3. The offer applies to first-time or initial funding only and is capped at $1,000 (base account currency) – for example, even if you make a deposit amount of $1,500, EightCap will only cover transaction fees for up to $1,000 of your total deposit and for anything over that amount, normal charges will apply.
  4. Clients may make a claim for a reimbursement once. For example, even if you open and fund more than one live trading account, EightCap will cover the fees for one of your trading accounts only, unless specifically authorised by us.
  5. Clients must contact EightCap via email at to claim their refunds.
  6. EightCap will endeavour to reimburse credit card fees to your trading account within 24 business hours of us receiving your credit card deposits.
  7. Clients may choose to withdraw their funds or initial deposit at any point in time, however, if any funds are withdrawn before 90 days has passed, the fee reimbursement will also be removed from your trading account accordingly.
  1. EightCap will only consider a live trading account ‘Funded’ once the deposit you make have been received by us and cleared into your live trading account. Please note that ‘Internal Transfer’, ‘Balance Adjustments’ or commissions of any kind will not be considered as new deposits by EightCap.
  2. EightCap will always endeavor to clear client funds into their trading account at the earliest possible convenience. However, please keep in mind that payment volumes may be at unexpectedly high levels at times, and this, along with reliance on third-party payment providers may lead to slight delay in depositing times. We strongly advise participating traders to refer to our Funding page for further information on estimated funding times before selecting your method of funding.
  1. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions that apply to all EightCap’s promotional offers.
  2. Entry into the promotion signifies acceptance of all conditions. Eligible customers are required to abide by the terms and conditions as presented.
  3. EightCap reserves the right to withhold the cash bonus, if in our reasonable belief, there has been co-operation, collusion or organization of answers/bets/trades from the same source, or we have a reasonable belief that the promotion is being abused in any way.
  4. The promotion and bonus are non-transferrable and cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer.
  5. EightCap’s decision relating to any aspect of this promotion shall be final and binding, and strictly no correspondence will be entered into.
The terms and conditions of this promotion are governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia.
If you have any questions or queries regarding the promotion or the terms relating to the promotion, please contact us at