Deceased Estates Policy

Our Deceased Estates Policy outlines the steps and procedures that we take for the release of funds after the death of a trading account holder.

In the event of a death of a trading account holder, please notify us as soon as possible. You may inform us via email or phone and as soon as we are notified, we will freeze any sole accounts the trading account holder has with us (joint accounts will continue to operate as normal).

In order to release funds from the trading account, we require the following documents:
– A certified/notarised copy of the Account Holder’s Will
– A certified/notarised copy of the Death Certificate
– A certified/notarised copy of the Grant of Probate (if applicable)
– Proof of your identity (as executor of the will), in the form of a certified copy of a Passport or Driver’s Licence
– Details of the account which the funds are to be transferred to

Once we receive all the required documentation, we will process the funds to be released to the designated account within 2 working days.

Please keep in mind submission of incomplete documentation will result in a delay to the release of funds.

Once the funds have been released, we will proceed to close the account immediately if the account is in a sole name.