What is Platform Time?

September 19, 2019
by Nick Alexander,
What is platform time? Platform time is the real time trading platforms are set in, including the software’s charts and data. Eig […]

What is Margin and Leverage in Trading?

September 16, 2019
by Nick Alexander,
What is margin? Margin trading refers to using borrowed funds from a broker to purchase a financial asset or assets in a larger vo […]

What are Indices?

by Nick Alexander,
Indices in different concepts Indices is the plural form of index and has several definitions, depending on the context the word i […]

What is Hedging in Forex?

by Nick Alexander,
What is hedging? Hedging in financial markets is a trading technique used to protect yourself against major losses. It’s a popular […]

Fundamental vs Technical analysis

by Nick Alexander,
When it comes to Forex trading, there are two schools of thought used by investors to forecast the value and future movements of an […]

Forex Market Pairs & Trading Hours

by Nick Alexander,
Currencies are traded as pairs in Forex trading. The Pairs are broken down into groups: majors, minors, crosses, and exotics. Th […]

What are Financial Derivatives?

September 12, 2019
by Nick Alexander,
What are financial derivatives? A derivative in financial markets is a product with a value deriving from an underlying variable a […]