An Introduction to Trading Psychology

September 20, 2019
by Nick Alexander,
We all know how essential the psychological aspect of trading can be. It's often more important than the more fundamental and techn […]

How to Trade with an RSI Indicator

by Nick Alexander,
The Relative Strength Index (or RSI) can be a powerful tool in your trading toolkit. From identifying entry and exit points, throug […]

How to Trade Forex?

by Nick Alexander,
How to trade Forex Before you can start trading forex, you must first choose a broker and a platform you wish to trade with. By tr […]

History of the Foreign Exchange Market

by Nick Alexander,
At the end of World War 2 all major currencies where pegged to gold, this was an international pact adopted at a conference held at […]

Stock market trading hours across the world

by Nick Alexander,
Trading hours of the world’s major stock markets. With more than 24 time zones across the globe, financial markets can be trading […]

What happens when a market opens and closes?

by Nick Alexander,
Forex: The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week, because of different interbank sessions across the gl […]

How to calculate CFD margins

by Nick Alexander,
What is a CFD margin? When engaging in a Contract for Difference, you are only required to deposit a percentage of the contract’s […]