Ripple has a two-fold function; it serves as a digital currency and it also serves as a digital payment method specifically for financial transactions. The network is used to connect financial institutions such as banks via the 'RippleNet'. Again there is no need for an intermediary, the network basically leaves the parties to independently sort out their own personal ledger by themselves. This particular crypto was first released in 2012.

XRP is commonly referred to as Ripple in the market and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for trading, as it is highly liquid and has recently had large price swings.


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How to trade Ripple?

When you buy Ripple with Eightcap, you are not actually taking ownership of any cryptocurrency, you’re speculating on the price movements of XRP against the USD. However, your exposure to XRP’s price movements would be exactly the same as if you had bought it outright.