The FRA40 is also known as the CAC 40 (Cotation Assistee en Continu) and is the French stock market index benchmark. This index consists of 40 companies with the highest market capitalisation and listed on the Euronext Paris Exchange. The index was first established and launched in 1987, and its name comes from the Paris Bourse's automation system. When it was first launched, the CAC had a base value of 1000 points. Its all-time high to date has been 6922.33 points.

The FRA40 index includes well-known companies like Airbus, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard, Renault and Total. The index is reviewed and changed every quarter by one of the European stock exchanges, Euronext. Companies are carefully selected under two specifications: their turnover figure over the past 12 months and their float-adjusted market capitalisation. In some cases, there are places given to the companies that are on other exchanges.
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FRA40 Historical data

The FRA40 index has been more volatile than many other indexes since 2008. In 2011 it fell back to its 2008 lows as concerns around Europe’s economy mounted.

It was also negatively affected by the Brexit referendum as the UK is a major trading partner for France. Nevertheless, it has risen 120% in the last decade.

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