Support developing AUDJPY EURJPY USDJPY? Technical breakdown GBPUSD EURUSD AUDUSD

ธันวาคม 10, 2019
by Joseph Jeffriess, Market Analyst

Signs of support and new buyer moves after higher lows, is this the start of new legs higher?

Risk is showing more positive signs in today’s session, but its early days and we will need to see if the current price action can maintain and hold through tonights London and US sessions. On top of that, we have major news events to come. The FOMC and UK Election being the big ones to come, the outcomes of these could have a dramatic effect on the current picture we’re seeing on risk currency pairs.

The GBP remains in solid trends buyers fighting back after last nights pullbacks. In today’s video we go over the level we would like to see close above to continue the trend.

The EURUSD and AUDUSD are fighting back after overnight selling, support after trend breaks remain with new higher lows but we would like to see momentum continue tonight before we can start confirming the patterns. I go over this in more detail in today’s video. Support forming on the AUDJPY, EURJPY and USDJPY, but price action remains in mixed positions trend-wise.

Today’s video we breakdown the above notes looking at the above markets on their daily charts.

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