What is Scalping in Trading?

September 20, 2019
by Nick Alexander,
What is Scalping? The definition of scalping in financial trading is very similar to that of scalpers who buy and resell concert o […]

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What is a pip? A pip in forex is an acronym for ‘point in percentage’ and is a basic unit of measurement for currency pairs. In fa […]

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How to manage charts in MetaTrader 4?

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How to change my MetaTrader 4 password?

September 19, 2019
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Trading on the financial markets via user-friendly platforms like MT4 and MT5 is getting more and more accessible. For this reason, […]

How to use the Navigator and Market Watch Panels in MetaTrader 4?

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Eightcap allows you to trade Forex, CFDs and more with the market-leading MetaTrader 4 platform. With many advanced features and tr […]

How to add indicators and edit charts in MetaTrader 4?

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