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Why connect your TradingView and Eightcap accounts

Why connect your TradingView and Eightcap accounts

TradingView is the world’s most popular charting platform for traders with over 30 million users around the globe.

Eightcap is a leading broker which offers 800+ financial products and has one of the widest cryptocurrency offerings with 250+ crypto derivatives available.

Join 30 million traders worldwide

Join 30 million traders worldwide

Discover great trading ideas, get creative,
be part of the largest social trading network with over 30 million traders.

Enjoy trading charts and ultra-low spreads

Enjoy trading charts and ultra-low spreads

Feel at home with TradingView’s cutting-edge charts and Eightcap’s low spreads.

Enter the markets with ultra-low spreads starting
from 0.0 pips on Raw account.

Unmissable alerts. Comprehensive analysis. Trading knowledge.

Unmissable alerts. Comprehensive analysis. Trading knowledge.

Never miss an opportunity or an important update.
Get access to an extensive volume of fundamental trading data, in-depth market analysis, and much more.

All the trading education you need

All the trading education you need

Research top trading ideas across the TradingView community while learning with Eightcap's educational resources, comprehensive webinars, and detailed eBooks. Enhance your trading knowledge and become a better trader.

How to connect your Eightcap & TradingView?

Step 1

Create an account with Eightcap. Choose TradingView as a Platform during the application process.

Step 2

Open a chart on TradingView and click on the 'Trading Panel' tab. Choose Eightcap from the list and follow the instructions to connect your new Eightcap account details.

Step 3

Now enjoy trading on your Eightcap account direct from TradingView.


Eightcap offers its Standard Account as part of its integration with TradingView in order to provide a simplified trading experience with the world’s easiest to use charting software.

Eightcap’s TradingView connection gives traders access to the entire Eightcap suite of products that are included in our MT5 offering. For a full list of instruments, feel free to see.

If you have an MT5 Standard Account then your TradingView Access will use the exact same credentials and access that you use now to trade with Eightcap. Simply connect to Eightcap in the broker panel on TradingView and your login details will connect you.

Our direct API integration to TradingView it currently optimized for efficient live trading and as such our demo servers are not including. However our team is working hard on getting demo access in a future rollout of our TradingView connection.

You can begin by registering for a TradingView account on our sign up page. Existing clients can log in into their client portal at and select an additional account to create a new trading account ready to connect to TradingView.

Next, you will need to launch a chart on whilst logged into your TradingView account. Go to the broker panel at the bottom of the screen and find Eightcap. If the broker you are after doesn’t appear, simply click the three-dot button in the bottom right-hand corner and all brokers will display.

Click Connect on Eightcap and use the login details emailed to you to log into your account. You’re now ready to enter the markets with Eightcap via TradingView.

Eightcap offers a full trading account history inside our client portal for all your trading accounts. Just login at and go to the Reports tab to view your account history.