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What are Share CFDs?

Share CFDs, also called stock CFDs, are contracts for difference on individual shares. They allow traders to speculate or invest in both positive and negative price movements without actually having to buy or sell the underlying share.

A contract for difference is a derivative that allows a trader to participate in price movements without owning the underlying asset. With CFDs, traders can use leverage to increase their exposure, giving the trader flexibility to profit or lose from rising and falling prices.

Share CFDs give traders the opportunity to profit or lose from the volatility of individual stocks as prices rise and fall with changing market sentiment and news events.

Trading Share CFDs vs. Index CFDs

An index reflects the average movements of all the stocks within an index, which can result in lower volatility.
Share CFDs reflect the price movements of individual shares which can be more volatile. While it’s rare for one news item to move an index more than a few percent, it is fairly common for a share price to move 5% or greater in a day.
Share CFD trading concentrates on a single company, while index CFD trading concentrates on overall market sentiment.

Start Trading US, Australian, and European Shares

Start trading on multiple exchanges - аll the way from Australia, Germany, London, and the US. With the ability to trade on some of the largest companies in the world, you can begin making the most of volatile markets with an award-winning online stockbroker. The price movement of individual shares can be more volatile due to unexpected company announcements. Expand your trading portfolio and go long or short on Apple, Facebook, Tesla, BHP Group, Goodman, SAP, Porsche, AstraZeneca, Ocado, Deutsche Börse, and many more.


AssetTrading hours
US stock14:35 - 20:55 (GMT) / 23:35 - 05:55(AEST)
London Stock Exchange11:05-19:25 (GMT+3)
German Stock Exchange (XETRA)10:05-18:25 (GMT+3)
Australian stock name10am - 4pm Sydney time

Benefits of trading CFDs

  • Individual shares can experience large price moves as companies fall in and out of favour.
  • CFDs allow traders to profit from rising and falling share prices and to use leverage to increase exposure.
  • Share CFDs can be used to trade pairs. A par trade comprises a long position in one stock and a short position in another stock.


Things to be aware of

  • Share prices can move quickly or gap when unexpected news hits the market.
  • As with any leveraged instrument, large losses can result from poor risk management.
  • When trading share CFDs, traders should keep up to date with company news.

When engaging in a Contract for Difference, you are only required to deposit a percentage of the contract’s full value. This is called a margin and it allows traders to open large positions while investing a fraction of the value. The margin is used as leverage, giving traders full exposure to the position. A margin is required before opening a position on your account. Your account should also hold extra funds to cover any potential losses and stop your account going into margin call. Always remember, leverage is a double-edged sword. While it can maximise your profits, it can also increase your losses.

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